“David's methodology is very direct and pragmatic…Throughout the sessions, all the doubts I had in my head went away and my concerns became clear. I noticed a very positive change!” 

 Carlos B., Marketing Retail 

"David has the ability to open your mind and turn a complicated situation into something simple. Thanks to the sessions, I have been able to clarify my ideas and define my professional long-term objective. Thank you very much David for guiding me towards this way!"

   Diana C., Consumer Insights, Creativity & Innovation Consultant

“Now i know exactly what I want to achieve in my professional life and we have already reached most of my goals!”  

 Javi P., Banker

“Before I met David, I was feeling really lost and unsure of my career path and options. Thanks to the coaching, I was able to define what I really wanted to do and to have a clear objective. This allowed me to start making the necessary steps towards achieving my goal and David’s support and guidance has been amazing!
I have regained my confidence and self-belief and I feel so much happier in my professional life!” 

 Julie Y., Fashion Designer

“I have learnt how to better focus my personal and professional priorities. On top of that, the coaching sessions have helped me to know myself better, to be more self-confident, and to eliminate any anxiety and stress I was suffering.”

   Albert B., Marketing Manager

“David has a great ability to analyse and it is surprising how easily he can help you to distinguish the reason from its effect. He has also managed to make me feel comfortable, which is important when dealing with professional but also personal topics.”

   Cristina F., Account Director

"This coaching process has been a very useful experience which gave me the techniques to improve and go ahead in my professional day-to-day life.
I improved my assertive communication in front of my teams and i now i control much better my presentations and public speeches."

Griselda D., Department Manager

“David's huge empathy and his respect and quality of treatment helped me a lot. I also appreciated the ability he has to point out the issue and help me to find out the solution.”

Lola V., Business Consultant & Personal and Executive Coach

“ Through the coaching sessions, I have put in place some time management strategies that led me to increase my work efficiency and decrease my level of stress.
We have also explored key requirements for my professional success, which have given very good results!” 

 Santiago D., Project Leader

“David helped me to be more objective and to have a new perspective when facing some awkward situations and reactions in my professional environment. I have to say that I am very happy with the outcome!”

   Pedro A., Engineer

"I had reached a level of stress that was affecting my health. David not only helped me to hugely decrease my stress, but also helped me to change my habits and my ways of thinking...He helped me to cope with all situations and thoughts, which were the source of my discomfort.
I am more than satisfied and I do recommend this coaching for all who are in similar situations."

Luca B, Global Investments Executive

“I have managed to control my emotions and, therefore, my actions. In just a few sesions, I quickly gained self-confidence and I am now feeling stronger.”

Albert F., Student in Social projects