If you are a student or an executive and you want to try and start a coaching process, contact by telephone or email David Potin to agree on a first free trial session without any compromise

During the 1st session (1hour):

  • Diagnostic of the client's current situation
  • Clear definition of the objective that the client is aiming to achieve
  • Elaboration of the different steps that will lead the client to his/her final goal
  • Definition of the number and frequency of sessions needed (usually between 3 and 8 sessions, with each session every 1 or 2 weeks, according to the current situation and defined objective).

Throughout the following sessions (50min):

  • Questions, exercises and tests that will allow the client to reach each step previously defined as necessary to achieve his/her objective
  • Feedback and analysis of the exercises completed by the client in-between each session, in order to reach the final goal, unblock and/or improve skills or change behaviours
  • Constant evaluations of the improvement of the client's situation
  • Adaptation of the process (steps and exercises/tests) according to the client's evolution

During the last session (50min):

  • A full summary of the achieved steps and objective and what this implies
  • An analysis of the changes made, including everything the client has learnt and improved
  • A definition of the habits to follow during a minimum adddional month, in order to ensure that the changes are maintained on a long term basis

A follow-up session is usually recommended to be carried out after a minimm one month in order to evaluate and consolidate the new situation achieved by the client